Welcome to goodhang!

Virtually hang out (happy hour, coffee chat, brunch, book club, etc) with your crew while you physically distance for the greater good AND support your favorite local bars, restaurants and cafes as they weather this tough economic hit.

Connect socially and support small businesses, virtually and safely.

To stem the spread and "flatten the curve" of COVID-19, we're all physically distancing while staying socially connected through technology. However, the need to stay inside has led to catastrophe for the favorite local restaurants, bars and coffee shops we would normally be visiting.

With goodhang, we want people to connect virtually and safely while they support the places they can't wait to visit again soon.

How does it work?

1. Plan a virtual Hang and invite your friends.

Schedule a time to physically distance but socially connect. We’ll generate a free-to-use Zoom link for you to share with your guests.


Choose from our list of venues, whether the local ramen place, the cocktail bar you frequent or the coffee shop with your favorite barista.

3. Guests donate or buy a giftcard as their “tab”.

Donate / purchase and encourage your crew to do the same. While this is optional, even a few dollars can help a small business right now. 100% goes to the venue you’ve chosen.

4. Join the virtual Hang and connect with your crew.

Grab a beverage or snack, settle into a cozy spot and catch up virtually while you support the venues you can’t wait to frequent post-COVID-19.

5. Post your Hang and spread the fun.

Screenshot your Hang and post it on Instagram. Tag the venue, your friends and @good_hang to spread the word and the :).

Help A Local Business

The following is an initial list of venues who have posted a donation or giftcard link as a way to support their teams during this time. If you’d like to add a venue, please email us at goodhang@jackstrategy.com. All requested venues must have a GoFundMe page and/or a way to purchase giftcards directly from the venue.


Sobre Mesa

Click here to add a new venue.