Who gets the money?

All money donated and all money from gift cards goes directly to the venue. We only link to sites provided by venues and do not process any transaction ourselves.

How much should I donate or give?

That’s totally up to you! What we do know is that no amount is too little in these times.

How are venues selected?

Right now, we’re creating a list based on venue we’re seeing on social media, venues we like and venues our friends like. If you’d like to add a venue, please email goodhang@jackstrategy.com. All requested venues must have a GoFundMe page and/or a way to purchase giftcards directly from the venue.

Why should I do this?

You're probably having virtual hang outs already or have seen folks who are, and you’re probably worried about your favorite restaurant / bar / coffee shop. We wanted to create a way to help you connect with your favorite people virtually while you support your favorite small businesses.

Why can’t I just donate and hang out with my friends on Facetime?

You totally can and we’d be psyched if you did! We don’t expect you to only give though goodhang and not do Facetimes, TikToks, or whatever. We do ask that you take time and whatever resources you can share to support each other during this time. Spread the love (remotely)!

What if I don’t want to choose one of these venues but I want to plan a Hang?

Email us at goodhang@jackstrategy.com. We’ll generate a Zoom link for you and will send links to credible relief funds for restaurant and bar employees.

Who are you?

First and foremost, we’re a bunch of people who are worried about our communities and the small businesses we love. We are in awe of everyone on the frontline - from the medical professionals and scientists to the grocery store stockists and city workers - and folks like you who are seeking ways to spread some good.

At Jack, our mission is to create technology that delivers on a human need and the human need for connection is paramount right now. We want to do our part in this pandemic that is changing how we operate as a society and as a species, and is, on a more micro level, disrupting people's lives today.

So, we built goodhang, a Beta project.

Made with love by:

Andy Glass, product and tech

Elina Lin, product design

Eduardo Palma, brand

Shrina Parikh, venues and marketing

Janvi Jhaveri, founder of Jack